Semester starting 1/11/21! Friday Classes start January 22nd! Check out Babies Only starting January 21st!

Classes are now ZOOM versions of our regular in-person classes, where you choose your "home class." get unlimited drop-ins/makeups for ALL the other classes. And, like our in-person classes, Online classes are all about Family Music—with rich music and ways to weave that music into your daily lives to support your children's inborn potential to learn. Whether we're in person or singing/dancing with you online, our commitment to your family will never change.


In a Music Together® Online class, we spend 30-35 minutes with families--playing our shakers, bouncing on laps, marching & drumming, and much more—while the children are doing the marvelous work of teaching themselves through developmentally-appropriate play. We help you make DIY instruments at home—"drums," shakers, "scarves," "rhythm sticks"— using things at home to make music (and make your days more joyful while supporting incredible brain and body development in your children). Like always, the adults make music the grownup way while the children play the child way- through fun. Even at home, high-energy movers and quiet observers are all equally involved in their own way! Class Schedule and Tuition

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  We have babies in our mixed-ages classes but check out Babies only on Thursday's 11:30!


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